Sport is an important part of a schoolchild’s life. It teaches them that being part of a team takes patience and hard work; it is not always about winning. Parents are always encouraged to attend sports events and support the children. The children are each assigned a school house, (Kudu and Sable), and compete in Interhouse competitions throughout the year, which encourage healthy rivalry amongst the children, and teaches them sportsmanship and teamwork.

Fixtures take place almost every week throughout the school year, and allow the children to not only learn from others, but to make friends too!

In the first term, all children take part in:

Cross country
Our main focus is to develop fitness and endurance in the pupils. We have an annual Interhouse Cross Country competition in which all pupils from ECD to Grade Seven participate.

This is introduced full time after the Mid Term Break . The main objective is to work on each child’s strength, co-ordination and reflexes. Apart from our own Interhouse Athletics competition, we also participate in invitationals. We also have a special section in our Interhouse Athletics competition for our ECD classes, where they have sprints and other fun races.

All boys in Grades 3 – 7 take part in cricket. Our Colts and 1st XI Team compete with other schools in limited overs games in both home and away fixtures.

Grades 3 – 7 girls participate in tennis. Regular home and away fixtures are scheduled with neighbouring schools. The school has four clay courts on which the girls
practice and play their fixtures.

Beginner classes start for those who cannot swim so that they are well prepared for the main swimming events in third term.

We offer the following sports during the winter term:

All girls in Grades 3 – 7 take part in netball. Our Fillies and 1st VII team take part in both home and away fixtures.

All boys from Grade 3 – 7 learn how to play both 15-a-side and 7-a-side rugby and have regular fixtures with other schools. Throughout the term, the colts and ‘The Rockers’, (as our 1st XV is affectionately known as), also attend various rugby tournaments at CHISZ schools.

All children from Grade 1 – 7 learn how to play hockey. Fixtures are played against other schools and the boys and girls get to participate in the CHISZ hockey festivals at various schools.

Rugby and hockey are contact sports, so emphasis is placed on safety first and acquiring the skills to play in such a way so as to avoid injury. All children are encouraged to source their own equipment so that they learn how to be responsible for their belongings whilst they are at school.

During the third term, we focus on:

As previously mentioned, swimming starts in First Term; beginner swimmers are taught the basics so that they are able to consolidate their techniques in third term and participate in invitationals we hos,t and those from other schools. We also hold an annual Inter-house Gala in which all the children participate, including our ECD water babies!

Tennis and Cricket
This is a continuation of skills learnt in First Term; regularly scheduled fixtures help to improve the children’s techniques and keep them on their toes! Visit Our Gallery to see more sports photos.