As with all fresh starts, Highveld arose from humble beginnings. Grades One to Seven were taught by just three teachers; Mr. Malcolm Sharman, Mrs. Dawn Sharman and Mrs. Nola Munch whilst Shona was taught part time by Mr. Bepswa.

Sports offered were cross country, tennis, hockey, cricket and swimming, all of which were very kindly coached by both the teachers, and parents of the school. Those familiar with Rusape will remember the Makoni Country Club, whose administration very kindly offered their facilities (tennis courts, indoor practice area and fields) for use in coaching the appropriate sports, whilst the swimming was conducted at either John Cowie Primary School, or the local swimming pool.

The picture below was the first class to be enrolled at Highveld Primary School, (top row, extreme right), the first Headmaster of Highveld Primary School was Mr. Malcolm D. Sharman. For pictures in the early days of Highveld Primary can be view via the gallery section.

Highveld grew slowly from strength to strength. At first, boarders were housed in a private home in Rusape, but were then transferred to Finaughty House under the care of its first matron, Mrs. Spencer. A school bus was purchased to shuttle the children to and from venues for sports and field trips; a bus which is still a prominent part of Highveld School to this day!

Eventually, a second field was completed, with gradual additions of four clay tennis courts and a swimming pool. Over the years, additional sports and subjects were added to the curriculum, and existing infrastructure was updated with completion of the School Hall and an extended wing at Finaughty House.

We are proud of the milestones we have achieved, and look forward to maintaining, and surpassing, the standards we adhere to as part of the Association of Trust Schools.

Top Row (L-R): Vikash Shah, Mrs. Nola Munch, Ushma Savania, Sandeep Shah, Daniel Sheard, Robert Veljacic, Jonathan Sheard, Mrs. Dawn Sharman, Vimal Devchand, Mr. Malcolm Sharman (Head)

Middle Row (L-R): Ettiene du Toit, Malvern Tsoka, Andre Bellingham, Tejal Devchand, Taskeen Ismail, Bhavin Parekh, M. Aslam Osman, Criag Uys, Andre du Toit

Seated (L-R): Jonathan Roussot, Aaron Taylor, Darren Bellingham, Udesh Savania, Wesley Stenson, Amber Lucas, Drummond